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Finally, a nutrition and workout plan that works for your body type,goals, and fits into your busy lifestyle!

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A detailed 30 day integrative exercise program that can be tailored to your lifestyle and specific body goals.

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All guides are digital books that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and includes links to all of our favorite foods and exercise tips for easy online purchasing and more information!

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Recipes and workouts specifically designed to burn that extra layer of fat, and tone and shape your bodies in all the right places.

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Access to our amazing community of women and coaches for constant support and motivation who are undertaking the same programs as you!

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Our guides were developed to give you loads of variety to keep your body guessing and to allow you to be creative and integrate our programs into your busy lifestyle.

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Finally, a nutrition and workout plan that works for your body type, goals, and fits into your busy lifestyle! This is for you if…

You want to discover exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how many calories to eat for your dream body.

You are tired of wasting your valuable time and money on fad diets and exercise gimmicks that don’t work!

You are worried that reaching your fitness goals might just be too difficult!

You want to learn how to properly workout and mix things up by exercising at home and the gym!

You want to discover how busy moms, hard working students, and business professionals achieve their dream bodies by following our simple, quick and effective guides!



You are not alone! Here are others in the same boat as you, that have changed their lives and achieved their dream body with Body Breakthrough Coaching!

Rachel Morris

Chrissy has been an instrumental part of my healthy lifestyle progression. She’s provided me with all the tools I needed to be successful and meet my personal goals including: customized workout programs, simple meal plans, continuous feedback & motivation.

She is always available to answer questions I had about my diet or workouts, and I found this made the online program extremely successful! I can truly say Chrissy is one of the best I’ve worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition & fitness, excellent with people, caring, kind, cheerful, and gave me continuous feedback & motivation! I would strongly recommend working with Chrissy as a way to meet your own health, fitness, or competition goals.

- Rachel

Kathleen Reese

Body Breakthrough is a breath of fresh air in the fitness world. A hidden gem if you will.. Coach Chrissy has a deep passion for fitness and nutrition and her encouragement and enthusiasm was my first and now continual impression of her. Helping me to achieve my fitness goals only begins to describe the positive experiences I have had since starting with her two years ago.

She is very personable and knowledgable and is easily reached, usually responding to my messages within the hour. I am so thankful she is my trainer and my go to girl for nutrition advisement- even sending me grocery lists when she is vacationing! I highly recommend a consultation with her!

- Kathleen Reese

Leandra Peters

I grew up as a dancer, never learning how to take care of my body correctly, which caused many injuries. It’s great to have a trainer like Chrissy who understands my body so well, that I’m confident she will be sure to never let me get injured. She educated me on health, diet, and the importance of exercising with correct form, all while customizing it to me.

Chrissy has helped me put together the correct dairy free meal plans for me in order to achieve the goal I want. In 6 weeks of training and only 2 weeks of a meal plan, I looked completely different! I thought my dream body was going to take years! Thanks Chrissy for sharing your knowledge and helping me be in the best shape of my life!

- Leandra Peters

Lauren Bacon

Before Chrissy, I never thought I could work to change my stomach, shape my thighs to be leaner in hard to target areas, or achieve full body definition. Chrissy’s targeted workouts and nutrition plans have changed the way I look, feel, and think about working out. I am so grateful to be working with her; she takes pride in a job well done and wants to see her clients sucede.

Chrissy will exceed any level of effort that I’m willing to apply; she’s the first trainer who had taken the time to show me the right way to workout – not the quick way. Posture, balance, alignment, strength, these are all key aspects of our workouts. She is well educated in the area of fitness and science, her experience and results are based in application of her own teaching methods. I’m incredibly grateful for her support!

- Lauren Bacon

Amanda Sheaffer

I am Celiac and Lactose Intolerant, won the lottery huh? Well guess what? So did she! Through her training I was able to engage muscles I had never known were even there. Oh and my ass, yes my ASS is high and tight as heck! She changed my image of what a beautiful girl should look like. She encouraged me daily, listened to what my body needed (came to find out that oligosaccharides make me sick too) and changed my plan accordingly. I lost not only the 6 lbs that I gained with my old plan, but lost an additional 4.

Most importantly though, I gained my confidence! I feel so comfortable in my skin and LOVE looking at myself naked in the mirror! I not only have the curves I once dreamed about and tried to calculate the cost via surgery, but I am STRONG! I love being strong. That is truly beautiful. Thank you Chrissy! You helped me find me and pushed me to kill it in and out of the gym!

- Amanda Sheaffer

I believe that everyone has the power to achieve the body of their dreams and to wake up each and every day feeling fit and healthy.

My program is not only designed to give you the knowledge, but also the support you need to break the barriers that are keeping you from living the healthy life you want, in the body that you deserve!


Money Back Guaranteed! No Questions Asked.

*Results may vary based on dedication to program

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