We asked fitness and nutrition experts across the globe what they thought was the #1 lifestyle change people looking to shed body fat should make. By asking numerous experts in various fields we provide you with a wide range of opinions and tips.

When looking to lose body fat it is important to note that everyone loses fat differently, and thus one diet or tip may work for you but not for someone else. So check out what the experts have to say, and chose some lifestyle changes to implement into your life to get you started on your fat loss journey!

We Asked: “What is the #1 lifestyle change people looking to shed body fat should make?”


Expert 1: Gina Aliotti

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Gina is a fitness expert and IFBB Pro Figure Competitor and marathon runner. She has her bachelor’s in food and nutrition. She is a certified Personal Trainer, certified CrossFit Instructor, certified Yoga Instructor, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She is co-founder of Devotion Nutrition and is dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals.

Gina says: “Get creative with your cooking!! Find ways to make the things you crave the healthy, fun, and guilt-free way! Finding ways to crush your cravings without really giving into them will keep you on track and never feeling like you are depriving yourself. You can have your cake and eat it too, it is just about being creative! The best way to make a lifestyle change and stay devoted to that change is by making your diet FUN! I use Devotion Nutrition and Flex Flavors to curb cravings and keep me on track! Flavors with endless possibilities but without the guilt, calories, sugars, and carbs!!”

Website: GinaAliotti.com & DevotionNutrition.com

Twitter: @GinaAliotti


Expert 2: Abel James

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Abel James is the creator and host of the award winning Fat-Burning Man Show. He is an author and fitness coach and is passionate about providing science-based information to his clients and viewers through his podcasts, books, and personal coaching.

Abel says: “Stop counting calories. Ignore the nutrition facts. Read the ingredients instead and make sure they’re real food. Don’t buy marketing hype, buy the ingredients!”

Website: Fatburningman.com

Twitter: @fatburnman


Expert 3: Susan Irby

Fitness and Nutrition Expert Susan Irby, fitness experts, fitness, nutrition

Susan has been an expert in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry for over 15 years. She is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Food Healer, and Award Winning Television Host, Radio Host, Author, and Public Speaker. Susan is the founder and creator of The Bikini Chef® which promotes “figure flattering flavors” and healthy lifestyles.

Susan says: “Drop the daily alcohol intake and the snack chips, crackers, and pretzel type foods in between meals. Limit alcohol consumption to one to two drinks per week. Replace alcoholic beverages with cucumber mint water. Replace between meal snacks with apples, berries, raw almonds or walnuts. Be consistent – make these permanent changes. Day after day after day.”

Website: thebikinichef.com

Twitter: @thebikinichef


Expert 4: Jon-Erik Kawamoto

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Jon-Erik Kawamoto is the founder and managing director of JKConditioning in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He has his master’s degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Physiology, and he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Jon has contributed as a fitness expert and freelance writer for numerous well renowned fitness magazines and websites including Men’s Health, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, and Runner’s World to name a few.  

Jon says: “It is important to be mindful of your nutrition and have strategies for meal prep so that you are always prepared to stay on track.”

Website: Jkconditioning.com

Twitter: @jkconditioning

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Expert 5: Andrea Metcalf

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Andrea Metcalf is a top health expert, fitness trainer, best selling author, influencer, life and business coach, and nationally requested speaker. She is the author and creator of Naked Fitness. She holds certifications in multiple disciplines of health and fitness, as well as, an exercise science teaching degree. She is a dedicated and passionate health entrepreneur and she has been awarded Trainer of the Year Finalist by IDEA.

Andrea says: “Drink more water… I find that so many clients trying to lose weight miss this important step which also can increase energy -especially when so many are dieting and cutting calories to lean out.”

Website: AndreaMetcalf.com

Twitter: @AndreaMetcalf


Expert 6: Kris Gunnars

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Kris Gunnars is the CEO and founder of Authority Nutrition. He has his bachelor’s degree in Medicine and is a full time nutrition researcher. His passion is evidence-based nutrition and he dedicates his time to educating others.

Kris says: “Permanently increasing protein intake is probably the easiest, simplest and most delicious way to encourage your body to lose fat without any major restrictions.”

Website: AuthorityNutrition.com

Twitter: @AuthNutrition


Expert 7: Christine Bullock

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Christine Bullock is the trainer and judge on Fit for Fashion TV. She has been teaching fitness for almost two decades and she holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness, Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Nutritional Counseling. She also has her B.A. in Psychology and Education. Christine is the creator of Evolution 20 DVD series and Co-creator of KAYO Better Body Care.

Christine says: “Go old school. Act as if you lived 100 years ago. We would have eaten wholesome fresh local foods and fit fitness in all day long. So take the stairs, walk to the grocery store, cook your meals and shop at the farmers market.”

Website: christinebullock.com

Twitter: @chrissy_bullock


Expert 8: Jimmy Moore

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Jimmy Moore is one of his own greatest success stories and he is an expert and author on low carb living and the Ketogenic diet. Jimmy shares his knowledge and personal story on his popular blog “Livin’ La Vida Low Carb.” He informs viewers through educational podcasts and a popular YouTube channel.

Jimmy says: “Stop stressing over it. Stress trumps diet, exercise, and everything else you might be doing right. So chill out and do what works for you.”

Website: Livinlavidalowcarb.com

Twitter: @livinlowcarbman


Expert 9: Jenny Grothe

Fitness, experts, fitness experts, health expert Jenny Grothe, Jenny Grothe

Jenny Grothe is a certified nutritionist, author, motivational speaker, and a lifestyle training and endurance coach. She has transformed women’s lives around the world and she is dedicated to preaching healthy eating habits and incorporating regular exercise. Jenny is a FitFluential ambassador and freelance health writer for publications including; Iron Man Magazine, Oxygen, Haute Health, and GORGO.

Jenny says: “I think the #1 thing they should change is their mindset. They need to be proactive with their health. It’s going to take work on their part, and they can’t limit their progress because someone else didn’t “motivate” or “inspire” them that day. Those are both great helps, but ultimately it has to come from within.”

website: jen-fits-playground.com

Twitter: @momma_gal


Expert 10: Tom Terwilliger

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Tom Terwilliger is a health and fitness expert with accomplishments ranging from former Mr. America and #1 best selling author to international speaker, personal trainer and TV host. Tom has over 30 years experience practicing, advocating and teaching the benefits of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Tom is known as the Achievement Mentor and he is a leading authority on the Science of Achievement.

Tom says: “Weight loss in large part is a function of mindset as much as it is physiology. I believe it’s critical when setting a weight loss goal and mapping out a plan of attack to include the one thing that can either support your success or quickly derail it – that is the way you think about your body, food and the motivation behind the goal itself.  Test your congruence with the goal. Imagine it, picture it, see it as clearly as possible and note the emotions associated with it. If any fear, anxiousness, or trepidation bubbles up don’t ignore it – question why, then re-frame it. Those feeling could easily be associated with the excitement and uncertainty of taking on something new or even how you might handle it.  Re-frame those feelings like you might the anticipation of a special gift. Get excited.”

Website: TomTerwilliger.com

Twitter: @TomTerwilliger


Expert 11: Ashley Borden

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Ashley is a top fitness and lifestyle consultant and master trainer for some of the most renowned athletes and celebrity clients. She is a published author and has been featured in many top fitness and health magazines around the world. Ashley has released numerous training DVDs, and has been awarded “#1 Workout DVD” by Fitness Magazine. She has received many acknowledgments including “Top Body Transformer” by Women’s Health and Greatist.com named her one of the “Most Influential People in Health and Fitness”.

Ashley says: The “#1 lifestyle change is to surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. Eliminate all soda and eat anti inflammatory foods: cucumber, salmon, sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric, kale, asparagus, spinach.”

Website: AshleyBorden.com

Twitter: @AshleyBorden


Expert 12: Jonathan Bailor

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Jonathan Bailor is founder and CEO of SANE solution. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author for The Calorie Myth and has been endorsed by top MDs at Mayo Clinic, Johns’ Hopkins, Harvard and more. SANE has been featured on top TV shows, News Channels, Magazines and Websites.

Jonathan says: “Eat double digit servings of non-starchy veggies daily!”

Website: SANEsolution.com

Twitter: @JonathanBailor

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Expert 13: Chris Freytag


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Chris Freytag is founder of Get Healthy U, and an expert fitness trainer, speaker, motivator and health coach. She holds numerous certifications in many fitness disciplines. She is an Emeritus Member of the ACE Board of Directors and author of 7 health and fitness books and dozens of fitness DVDs. Chris has also been a fitness contributor to NBC for 10 years.

Chris says: “Eat real food, control your portions, and get your heart rate up through movement everyday!”

Website: gethealthyu.com

Twitter: @ChrisFreytag


Expert 14: Jill Coleman

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Jill Coleman is a national TV fitness personality, cover model, and entrepreneur. She is a fitness and nutrition expert and business and lifestyle coach. She has a bachelor’s  in Exercise Science and master’s in Human Nutrition. Her work has been featured in top health magazines and websites such as SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine, and Livestrong.com.

Jill says: “The #1 lifestyle change is seeing themselves ‘as’ a fit person, and this is a mindset shift. In other words, a fit, healthy person doesn’t exercise regularly and eat well because they are looking to lose 20 lbs by next month. Instead, they are committed to the ‘self-concept’ of themselves as a fit person. If someone is not quite there yet, they should start acting as someone who lives a healthy lifestyle does. And this takes both practice and patience. It doesn’t happen overnight, which is why changing your perception to commit for the long haul is crucial. We can talk all day about what to do, what to eat, how to train, what time to go to bed, but none of that matters if someone is just trying to memorize facts and to-do’s. It’s instead about a larger picture. The leanest, healthiest people are not the most perfect, they’re the most consistent.”

Website: JillFit.com

Twitter: @Jillfit


Expert 15: Kathy Smart

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Kathy Smart is a registered nutritionist, holistic chef, best-selling author, and was the host of North America’s first gluten-free TV show. She is a personal fitness trainer, founder of the “Live The Smart Way” brand and is known as North America’s Gluten-Free Expert. With over 19 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, Kathy is passionate about teaching others how easy (and delicious) it can be to lead a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle!

Kathy says: ” Stop focusing on the scale. When you are looking to change your body composition the true measurement is your body fat and measurements. Weighing yourself can lead to discouragement and ditching your efforts when you don’t see the number change. Scales are for fish.”

Website: Livethesmartway.com

Twitter: @Smart_Kitchen


Share your favorite LifeStyle change below! We all have tips and tricks to help keep us on track, and you never know who you might help by sharing!