With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to get a head start on your bikini body and re-set your fitness routine — before it’s too late and you feel forced to cover up instead of wear your dream itsy bitsy bikini.

Sculpt your entire body in just two weeks by taking our 14-day, total body spring into summer fitness challenge! You’ll be ready for a shopping spree after these two weeks are over! Keep up the challenge for as long as you like, these exercises will never get old.

This detailed, step-by-step plan takes the guesswork out for you, telling you exactly what to do and for how many reps and sets. We make sure to include rest days in there too!

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These 14 days will cover your cardio needs as well as basic strength training. No gym membership, equipment, or even leaving your house is required! This challenge can be done at home, at the park, with a friend or even at the beach! Get ready for your bronzed toned body this summer.

Because who doesn’t want to feel confident this summer and have friends and family telling them how fit they look?

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