Do you feel as if the only comfort you can find sometimes is in food? Are you worried that you might never be able to break this cycle? Do you realize that perhaps you are a slave to food, but you don’t know where else to turn?

The truth is that a lot of us have suffered from some degree of emotional eating over time. It may have been an isolated incident or it may be a terrible cycle that has caused you to gain weight. Understanding why you eat out of emotion and then gaining control over it is very much within your reach.

You may have suffered from some sort of trauma or hurt in your life, and you seek comfort wherever you can find it. Alternatively it may be that you are trying to make up for loss, cope with stress, or just take control over something in your life.

You Have To Do Some Soul Searching To Understand Why and How This Happens

emotional eating

When you feel that downward spiral coming on or when things become too much, a natural thing to turn to is food. So many of us have found comfort in a favorite food, but this can easily get out of control. It’s important to first understand when and why you turn to food. Once you can gain knowledge of this situation, you can free yourself and get healthy at the same time.

There are a variety of reasons for emotional eating, and so that’s a good starting point. Dig deep and ask yourself why you turn to food for comfort. Look for triggers or stressful situations that contribute to this cycle. You also want to work towards a solution, which is to say that you find a healthy outlet to utilize when the going gets tough.

Here are some helpful ways to get ahead of the emotional eating and ensure that you create a healthier foundation for yourself in the process.

emotional eating


Consider the source of the emotional distress:

There may be something buried deep inside you that is causing you to feel this range of emotions. There may be some sort of loss or tragedy that you buried years ago that rears its head at times. You have to do some soul searching and really be honest with yourself about what that may be.

The only way to gain control over emotional eating is to understand what has contributed to it over time. This is a sometimes challenging part of the process, but it will help you to get healthier when you find the courage to do this.


Look for your triggers and work to stay ahead of them:

It may be that when you feel stress you turn to a favorite food. It might be that when you feel depressed or anxious that you can calm yourself with a favorite treat. Search out your most common triggers and identify them once and for all.

This can help to end the cycle of eating out of emotion. It may also help you to cope with stress in a better way and learn to manage it in your life as a whole. You may find that avoiding these triggers as much as possible can help tremendously.

emotional eating


Find a healthier outlet to turn to when you feel overwhelmed:

As you work to gain control over those triggers and emotions buried deep, you want to find a healthy alternative rather than binge eating. This could very well be exercise, so whenever you feel overwhelmed you get in a good workout.

That benefits you in a number of ways so it’s a true win win! It may be that you meditate or turn to visualization or deep breathing to help you through the difficult times. Find something that helps you to cope and that benefits your health, and this will make it easier to avoid the emotional eating traps when they come up.


Look at food as fuel and learn to use it properly:

Start to look at food in a different way and change your mindset here. If you can truly embrace food as fuel for your body, then you will get the most out of it. Balanced and healthy eating benefits your health, helps you with weight loss, and helps you to be a happier and more well balanced person.

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Rather than turning to treats for comfort, turn to nutritious foods for fuel. You will gain more energy and likely be a much more positive person because of this change! Eating a well balanced diet each and every day will truly give your body the fuel that it needs. You will find that you don’t have the need for sugar or fatty foods if you use the right foods in the right way.

You truly can gain control over emotional eating, but you have to start with yourself. Understand why you struggle with this issue and what you can do to stay ahead of it. Change your mindset about food in general and learn to choose healthier foods instead of comfort food—you will gain control over emotional eating and be a much happier person in the process!